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Members Views on Satyam Fiasco

So here are the response from members. I have compiled as it is unedited. The only thing I have done is to cut and paste and put in the same font and font size. Hope this will provide memebrs insight into what members thinks. Its discussion within fraternity and needless to say without prejudice or malice towards any individual or firm, big or small. So here it goes: Anil Todarwal:I am not in practice,but I understand that since last one decade any company approaches for finance they are told that if they want finance they have to change the auditors to the big FIVE and give all the work to the recommaded BIG FIVE.In this way the small and medium chartered accountants were thrown out who  resorted to other business for survival.Why dont you take up this matter bring back good and intelligent small and medium chartered accountants back into the noble profession.The big FIVE firms are more like commission agents for finance and not professional chartered accountants.I hope this matter is …