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ICAI Recommended Scale of Fees for various kind of assignment








(a)  i) Partnership Deed  

Rs.6,000/- & Above



       ii) Partnership Deed 


      (With consultation & Tax Planning)

Rs.10,000/- & Above



(b)  Filing of Form with ROF

Rs. 2,500/- Per Form





(c)  Supplementary Partnership Deed

Rs. 2,500/- & Above



(d) Modification in the Deed  

Rs. 2,500/- & Above



(e) Leave & Licence Agreement 


      i) Drafting

Rs. 5,000/- & Above

     ii) Registration& Modification

Rs. 2,500/- & Above

(f) Gift Deed:


    i)  for Movable Properties

Rs. 5,000/- & Above

    ii) for Immovable Properties

Rs. 15,000/- & Above



(g) Trust Declaration Deed  

Rs. 10,000/- & Above



(h) Drafting of Will:


     i)  Simple

Rs. 10,000/- & Above

     ii) With Trust Planning

Rs. 15,000/- & Above



(i) Agreement to Sell  


    i)  Agreement to Sell, Society formalities & related Documents

Rs. 20,000/- & Above

    ii) Only Agreement to Sell

Rs. 10,000/- & Above



(j) Documentation


     i)  Power of Attorney: Specific

Rs.7,500/- & Above

     ii)  Power of Attorney: General

Rs.7,500/- & Above

     iii) Indemnity Bond- Affidavit

Rs.5,000/- & Above

     iv) HUF- Partition Deed

Rs.10,000/- & Above











A. Filing of Return of Income


I) For Individuals / HUFs etc.




(a) Filing of Return of Income 


      With Salary/Other Sources/Share of Profit.

Rs. 3,000/- & Above



(b) Filing of Return of Income      


       With detailed Capital Gain working


       i)  Less than 10 Transactions

Rs. 5,000/- & Above

       ii) More than 10 Transactions

Rs. 8,000/- & Above



(c) Filing of Return of Income


       With Preparation of Bank Summary, Capital A/c and Balance Sheet 

Rs. 5,000/- & Above



(d) Advance Tax Calculation

Rs. 2,000/- Per installment





II) (a) Partnership Firms/Sole Proprietor


     with verification of:


     1) Method of Accounting


     2) Stock Valuation

}    Rs.5,000/- Per Verification

     3) G. P. Ratio


     4) Expense Ratios etc.




(b) Small Proprietorship/ Partnership

Rs. 5,000/- Per Verification



( c) Minor's I. T. Statement

Rs. 3,000/- & Above



(d) Private Ltd. Company:


      i)  Active

Rs. 7,500/- & Above

      ii) Defunct

Rs. 5,000/- & Above



(e) Public Ltd. Company

Rs. 20,000/- & Above



B. Filing of Forms etc.




(a) Filing of TDS/TCS Return (per Form)

(Quarterly Fees)

     i) With 5 or less Entries

Rs.2,000/- & Above

     ii) With more than 5 Entries

Rs.3,000/- & Above



(b) Filing Form No. 15-H /G(per Set)

Rs. 1,000/- & Above



( c) PAN/TAN Application

Rs. 1,500/- & Above



C. Certificate


(a) Other Certificates (Like Lower TDS Certificate, 115JB)

Rs. 5,000/- & Above





D. Filing of Appeal etc.




(a) First Appeal.


     Preparation of Statement of Facts, Grounds of Appeal, Etc.

Rs. 10,000/- & Above



(b) Second Appeal (Tribunal)

Rs. 15,000/- & Above




Rs.3,000/- & Above per quarter including return



F.  Defered Tax Calculation

Rs. 5,000/- & Above







When Matters are referred to Counsel personal time will be billed seperately




G. Assessments etc.




(a) Attending Scrutiny Assessment/ Appeal

Rs. 3,000/- Per Visit subject to minimum Rs.5,000/- 



(b) Attending Summons

Rs. 3,000/- Per Visit 



( c) Drafting and Attending for Rectifications/ Refunds/ Appeal effects Etc.

Rs. 3,000/- Per Visit subject to minimum Rs.3,000/-



(d) I. T. Survey

Rs. 50,000/-



(e) T.D.S. Survey




(f) I.T. Search & Seizure








(a) (i) Registration Under local Act

Rs. 10,000/- & Above

     (ii) Societies Registration Act

Rs. 10,000/- & Above



(b) Registration Under Income Tax Act.

Rs. 15,000/- & Above



(c) Exemption Certificate U/s. 80G of  I. T. Act. 

Rs. 15,000/- & Above



(d) Filing Objection Memo

Rs. 2,000/- & Above



(e) Filing of Change Report

Rs. 2,000/- & Above



(f)  Filing of Various Forms

Rs. 2,000/- Per Form







(a) Filing Application for Name Approval

Rs. 5,000/- & Above



(b) Incorporation of a Private Limited Company

Rs. 20,000/- & Above



( c) Incorporation of a Public Limited Company

Rs. 25,000/- & Above



(d)(i) Company's ROC Work, Preparation of Minutes,


     Statutory Register & Other Secretarial Work

Rs. 3,000 Per Quarter



    (ii) Assisting in Other Certificate

Rs. 3,000/- & Above



(e) Filing Annual Return Etc.

Rs. 5,000/- & Above



(f) Filing Other Forms Like: F-32, 18, 2

Rs. 1,500/- & Above



(g) Increase in Authourised Capital 


     Filing F-5, F-23, including preparation of Slips


     Pages for Memorandum of Association/ Article of Association.

Rs. 5,000/- & Above









A. Registration Work




(a) Registration Under V.A.T. & C.S.T.

Rs. 10,000/- & Above



( b) Profession Tax Registration (PTR)

Rs. 1,500/- & Above



(c) Profession Tax Enrolment (per application)

Rs. 1,500/- & Above



B. Filing of Return (V.A.T.)


(a) Monthly Challans with Annual Return

Rs. 1,500/- + (Per Month)


  1. India is a free economy and I doubt if it would make sense to presribe minimum fees

    Moreover if we have such high fees first time filers would shy away from filing

    Just my personal opinion

  2. Is it available on


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