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IndianCAs: Mobile-number-portability-a-great-idea-sirji

Here are the steps to port your mobile number to another service provider.

1. First, you need to generate UPC (Unique Porting Code).

This can be done by sending an SMS to 1900.

The SMS should be in this format: PORT Eg: PORT <99XXXXXXXX>.

This should be sent to 1900

Operator SMS charge will be applicable.

PM to flag off nationwide roll-out of MNP on Jan 20
2. In reply, you will receive a UPC (Unique Porting Code) as SMS from 1901.

The UPC will be an 8 digit alpha-numeric code. You will also receive
the date till when the UPC will remain valid in the MM/DD/YYYY format.

3. Send the UPC to the service number of the mobile operator you wish
to switch to, through an SMS, if such a number is available.

You can confirm by visiting the operator's website. Else, visit the
nearest outlet/showroom of the operator you want to migrate to with
your UPC in hand.

4. Some service providers charge a nominal fee for the process, while
others like BSNL have advertised free porting.

5. You will also have to fill and submit the prescribed Mobile Number
Portability form to the new operator. They could also ask you to
submit documents (like photo ID and address proof). Post-paid
subscribers will be asked to submit a copy of their latest bill too.

6. Your request could be denied if any of these factors apply:

You have an unpaid bill on your existing postpaid mobile number.
Pending request for change of ownership of the concerned Mobile Number
The mobile number is under contractual obligation
90 Days has not lapsed since number activation
90 Days has not lapsed since last Porting Request from the same Mobile Number
You have applied for inter-circle porting
There is a pending legal case against your mobile number
7. The number portability has to be completed within 7 working days as
per process mandated by DoT. You will also receive an SMS mentioning
the time and date for porting.

8. Once the switch is complete, you will receive another SMS from the
new operator.

Your mobile phone may go 'dead' for 120 minutes, the time when the
porting takes place. At the end of it, your migration to your new
operator should be complete.

9. One thing you must keep in mind - You can change your operator only
once in every 90 days. So, use the service with care

Ashwin Nagar
Success is not permanent and failure is not final

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  3. its really gud ..... n updated... as i had tried almost 20 sites but this one only gave me the real information... thanks. I have Bookmarked this Page

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