24 December 2012

Pune: Two or Three?

Between Dilip Apte and Sarvesh Joshi from Pune, there is a gap of 16 votes. Sarvesh can now hope second preference from Abhijit Kelkar only. Whereas Dilip Apte can hope from Mumbai candidates too. If you look at performance of Sarvesh Joshi, only Pune candidates elimnation has given him votes and kept him in fray, where as Dilip Apte got very small chunk from Pune compared to Joshi. Both of them are now in first 22, but soon they could be upset by any Mumbaikar. One of them is for sure, but both of them? Yes, still possible, keep your fingers crossed...


  1. Anonymous7:27 PM

    What about kelkar?

  2. Kelkar stands no chance..


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