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Ahmedabad Elections: The second termers has a clear advantage

There is a fierce fighting in the Ahmedabad branch elections. The game has been changed this time due to preferential voting. The panel advantage is no more available and the people who earlier used to promote the panel of 8 are now worrying for their own candidature first before promoting anyone else. And that is really interesting. No one has now scope to ask for votes for eight candidates. Nor you can be now equally with all. If you are a candidate, you need to talk for first preference for yourself and if you are a supporter, you need to ask for your candidates first preference vote first and then to anyone else. Appeal to votes for all in panel is not possible now and that's why personal popularity has become the main attribute to get the votes. Everyone is after the first preference. Because you need to remain above others to remain in the race. You will really love the results and every eliminations when you will witness the counting process.

Let's analyze the chances of the candidates in the fray. I understand Amrish Patel, Purushottam Khandelwal and Aniket Talati has the clear advantage of being the sitting or past committee members. Amrish Patel is contesting this election for the third time. He took a break of one term and before that he was in the managing committee for consecutive two terms. He is most senior member among all the contestants. He had also contested regional council elections last time. This gives him a clear edge over all others. And the same is with Purushottam Khandelwal and Aniket Talati. Both of them are sitting managing committee members. Their visibility in the members make them more popular. In my opinion these three are in comfortable position.

If you ask me who after these three seem to be in comfort zone then only one name comes to my mind and that is Hiren Shah. He seems to have a wider appeal and good fan following. 

For rest four seats, I understand all the ten candidates have equal chances of winning and loosing. I consider all of them on equal footing and no one knows who does the wonders and what comes out of the ballot boxes.

The members will take their considered decision. They are very intelligent and know very well who has contributed what to the profession and how effective they could be for the branch.

And that is the reason everyone is trying to reach as many members as possible in this little time to ensure their chances. This is elections. No one can be complacent, and you never know what can change the whole game. What I see the chances of candidates is from my point of view, but this is all elections. No one can predict anything and you will see lots of surprises in the results. If you remember the results of the Central council, in south, north and central, the big names who had started canvassing for their VP elections, couldn't win even the central council election. So you know well.. Anything can happen with anyone..

યે પબ્લિક હૈ પબ્લિક, યે સબ જાનતી હૈ !!


  1. While I agree with the Advantage Theory to Second/Third Termer, I do not think other 11 Candidates are at par. I would like to logically disagree with you. There are some candidates, who are/were very visible in Branch CPE and Non- CPE activities. There are some Candidates who were and are very visible in Chartered Accountants Association, Ahmedabad's activities. Do You really think, they will have No Advantage? If you think so, I am afraid, You are wrong.

    According to me, In addition to CA. PURUSHOTTAM, CA. ANIKET & CA. AMRISHBHAI, other Candidates like; CA. VIKASH JAIN, CA. SONAL DAVE, CA. MUKESH PARIKH & CA. SATYENDRA JHA also would have comparative advantage for the best reason of being active in the matters concerning the fraternity.

    Without getting in to controversy, I would like to Play the Advocate of opponent in case of your prediction about CA. Hiren D. Shah whom you consider a sure winner. While I fully respect Hirenbhai's credentials in FEMA and International Taxation, I do not see him giving time to the affairs of Branch so far and perhaps in future mainly because of his high flying domain of profession, where in his pursuit to serve the Cross Border Clients, MNCs and High Net-worth Individuals resulting in to his non availability to the fraternity for long times; would probably be the deterrent. Personally I would love to see him acting in the interest of SMPs and Young CAs of Ahmedabad Branch. In my opinion, He deserves to be at Central Council level and Ahmedabad Branch Managing Committee is not the right forum to fully utilize his potential. Similar is the case of CA. Chintan Patel and CA. Bhaumil Patel. Both are capable to represent the fraternity at Regional level by contesting WIRC Elections as they are popular and have fan following in the informal groups of Branch fraternity. Ahmedabad Branch is not the right platform for them.

    Let me place on record through your blog that I have nothing personal against all other candidates and in fact I want them to dedicate their time and efforts in the larger interest of the CA Fraternity of Ahmedabad Branch. The day they start doing that, I would want them to be at the helm of the affairs at the Branch level.

    This of course is my individual opinion and perhaps your blog is the right platform to express my self. I mean, what I have said herein above and invite all your Ahmedabad viewers to express them selves.

    Anyways, I wish Best of Luck to all the Candidates of Ahmedabad Branch.



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