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Purushottam declared elected

Purushottam Khandelwal decalred elected. He secured 638 first preference votes. is excess votes of 375 will now be distributed based on the second preference votes.

The excess distribution of Purushottam is now very important and make the picture more clear. I understand Viksh Jain will be the highes beneficiary of this distribution. Once the distribution in done, Vikash Jain will achieve the quota and will be declared elected. So it is now clear the second to be elected is Vikash Jain.

In my understanding, the Vikash Jain's excess will also be distributed and it will go to third level. This is surely going to take lots of time and it is sure to have this whole night spent in the counting process.

The biggest surprise is the Hiren D Shah. Everyone expecting him to cross 200 votes as first preference, but hard luck.  But he is still in race. The elimination from Bhaumil, Murtuza and all others in his panel will make him stronger and he looks like to manage to get in managing committee.

So at this moment, here is the status:

Purushottam Khandelwal

Sure to Win:
Vikash Jain
Aniket Talati

Sure to Loose bad luck to them:
Murtuza Pulavwala
Sonal Dave 
Bhaumil Patel

Rest all are in the race and waiting for the distribution of excess of Purushottam.


  1. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Sir, at what time we can expect for next update?


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