09 March 2013

Vote you must: Ahmedabad branch (ICAI) elections

Each vote matters. Ask Bhailal bhai Patel who lost in his first WIRC contest by fraction of votes only. Your vote is your opinion. Every vote represents the ideas of an individual. If I favour or value something I will vote for that, even if I know one is going to loose. I vote to right candidate, I don't vote to winning candidate. If you believe in something  go out, express it by your vote and who knows the candidate representing your ideas can make it. Or who knows, your vote is the critical to stop your candidate from elimination. Once your representatives are chosen, you need to accept their ideas whether you like it or not. But this is the only time, when you can make it possible that your ideas win by going out and vote for the people who carries your ideas.

So come out and vote. Vote for anyone, but Vote you Must.

As expressed earlier, my favourite candidates for this elections are:

CA Purushottam Khandelwal (Sr. No. 5)
CA Amrish J Patel (Sr. No. 7)

The counting of votes start at 8 pm today (9th March 2013). Hooked on to this blog for the live results update as and when it happens for each count and each eliminations. Book mark this page. 

See you there at ICAI Bhawan, 123, Sardar Patel Colony..

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  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Very interesting and informative..


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