22 December 2015

CCM: Show begins now

·         Who are the candidates whom we can consider as elected and formal announcement is only a matter of time?
1.      S B Zware
2.      Nilesh Vikamsey
3.      Dhinal Shah
4.      Jay Chhaira
5.      N C Hegde
6.      One from Mangesh Kinare /Shrinivas Joshi
7.      7 and 8 numbers from two from below:
§  Dhiraj Khandelwal
§  B M Agarwal
§  Anil Bhandari
§  Durgesh Kabra
8.      For 9,10,11 three out of below should make it:
§  Prafulla Chhajed
§  Nihar Jambusaria
§  Tarun Ghia
§  Parag /Sanjiv/Julfesh
9.      It will be interesting to watch these three candidates what happens to them and how luck support them and can they withstand the Mumbai elimination game:
§  Parag Raval
§  Sanjiv Lalan
§  Julfesh Shah
·         Who are the candidates who has now no chance and their elimination is only a matter of time:
1.      Jay Gupta
2.      Sangani
3.      Sanjay Pawar
4.      Piyush Chhajed
5.      Mahesh Madhkholkar
·         Now 12 candidates are contesting for remaining 6 seats. Very very tough fight. And of course very interesting.
·         One is sure from Dhiraj Khandelwal and B M Agarwal. BM though seen at no. 16 at this point, but may jump back, if Piyush Chhajed give him a windfall. Otherwise his hopes for central council may rest in peace. If BM eliminates, Dhiraj will be the highest gainer from him, and vice versa of course.
·         There a very tough fight between Mangesh Kinare and Shrinvas Joshi. As this point Mangesh Kinare has upper hand. Mahesh Madhkholkar elimination will seal the fate of them.

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  1. Great analysis sir, I can say that in ICAI election cast and region of candidates play a great role then quality.


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