17 January 2016


Startup India DIPP http://dipp.nic.in/English/Investor/startupIndia/StartupIndia_ActionPlan_16January2016.pdf

10 Points Summary;

1 Tax exemption for start-ups for three years.

2 Rs. 10,000 crore corpus fund to support start-ups.

3 Capital gains tax to be exempted for venture capital investments.

4 80% reduction in patent registration fee.

5 Govt. to ensure 90-day window for start-ups to close businesses.

6 Self-certification compliance for start-ups across India.

7 No government inspection for three years for newly-formed start-ups.

8 New scheme to provide IPR protection to start-ups and new firms.

9 Innovation programme to start 5 lakh schools to target 10 lakh children.

10 Government is all set to launch an app to create a platform for interaction

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