27 July 2008

My Message on Program of CAA on Working hours for Articles

With reference to the program to be held by CAA on 25th July, I have to expess my greetings to members and students and convey my message that Members and students should keep complete faith in the Central Council, and collective wisdom of our elected central council and regional council members. Any decision taken by Council is always made after due deliberation and thread bare discussion. We should not have fiantest of the doubt on the integrity or the objectivity of any decision taken by Council, becasue each decision is taken in larger interest of profession and students looking at the entire professional fraternity spread over the globe.

Having said that, I strongly believe that there is always scope for deliberation, discussion and debate. Any objective debate is always welcome and in my opinnion ICAI is always open for any positive and constructive suggestion. I request the august body of CAA to forward their suggestions with respect to any subject relating to Institute including the subject under discussion.

I beleive CAA will continue to work for the noble cause of services to the members of profession and students as it has always been doing.

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