11 July 2009

How is Budget in Your opinion?

What do you think this Budget 2009 is?
Being an elite class with deep insight on economy, I will appreciate, if you would like to comment on the recent budget. What do you think, How was the budget?
Click the comment link just below and write your comments.
Ashwin Nagar


  1. Chandra Nahata6:28 PM

    One more time budget has failed to bring down incidence of taxes on salaried class of assessee.

    Currently incidence of taxes is highest on salaried employees and nothing has been done to balance that out.

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Political gifts taken back

    This budget is nothing more than taking back the gifts given by goverment to the public last year for the election. Now this year goverment is in safe majority . Hence they have taken back all the gifts given to common people.


What do you think about this? Please write your comment.

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