13 September 2009

Ground Rules for providing tips

Dear Colleague
This is a very nice move by you and the particiaption can increase manifold. . As CAs we all understand the financial results and the underlying facts of each financial accounts. While you are right that there is no guarantee attached to these leads and many times it can mislead most of the members.
To combat that there are some rules to be put around these leads offered by any member. To name a few:
1. A brief on the industry / company should be given and the reason for the belief be given so that the reader understand the message in the same perspective of the member giving this suggestion.
2. The period of the prediction be given.
3. Lets also keep in mind the provisions of Insider trading as devised by SEBI and not violate any norms of the same, in our enthusiasm to help our fellow colleagues.
Other members views are solicited and lets put the ground rules firm else we may step accidentally on something more serious.

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