20 December 2009

Bhavna, Jayant and Sanjeev seem to be sure winner!!

  • When every one's heart beat seems to be elevated, it seems the Bhavna Doshi, Jayant Gokhale and Sanjeev Maheshwari should relax seat back and start working for the next stage of this election, the VP election.
  • What about all seating Central council Members? In every election one seating Central Council Member looses. So there are many surprises this time too for the seating Central Council Members too. Observers say there are some names which seems vulnerable. Independent observers say Atul Bheda is fighting a very tough battle to save his seat. So is said for Jaydeep Shah, Mahesh Sarda, and Pankaj Jain. Some people include Rajkumar Adukia too as a weak candidate. But I personally think otherwise. I think looking at high voter turnout in Mumbai, all of them should be able to survive, but it looks sure one out of these five is sure to sink. So kamzor kadi Kaun? Let us see. I beleive Rajkumar Adukia will definately make it.
  • What about new entrants? Oberver says the best chances are of Nilesh Vikamsey and Nihar Jambusaria. So who out of these two?
  • What is going to happen to Praful Chhajed and Brij Mohan Agarwal? Some election observers consider them weak, but I personally feel, of these two ONE seems to be a sure shot to make in to Central Council. I personally would bet on B M Agarwal and see his better prospects.
  • What about Tarun Ghia? Is he a dark horse? We have to wait till late evening.
  • Pune will make a come back to central Council again? and yes then who? I believe Yes, Pune will get a confirm seat this time. Who will make it? Zavare, Arun or Bansal? Wait for some time. The key lies in the fact that who remain above the others? whomsoever will get higher first preference votes of these three, is sure to survive. Some election observer discount K L Bansal all together. But I think let us comment in evening about that.
  • What Ahmedabad is doing? How Gujarat is going to vote? Two or Three from Gujarat? Some people claims there will be three from Gujarat, but I don't agree with that. I believe there will be only two. Then who are those two? One from Ahmedabad or two from Ahmedabad? Which two out of Durgesh Buch, Dhinal Shah and Mahesh Sarda? wait for my detailed analysis in next dispatch very soon.
  • Who are sure losers? Independent Election Observers gives some names, Deshpande from Pune, Dilip Shah from Ahmedabad, Hardik Shah and B K Rathi from Surat, Ashok Thakkar from Baroda, and Mahesh from Thane. I keep my finger crossed.

Wait for my next dispatch in some time.

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