22 December 2009

CC: Ashok Thakkar eliminated

  • After Ashok Thakkar's elimination, following is position
  • 11th Atul Bheda 1518 votes
  • 12th Tarun Ghia 1381 votes
  • 13th Nihar Jambusaria 1335 votes

  • Out of Ashok Thakkar:
    • Durgesh Buch got 65
    • Mahesh Sarda got 70
    • Atul Bheda got 24
    • Nihar got 50
    • Tarun Ghia got 19


    1. Anonymous10:00 PM

      if Bansal won then what was the email signature of UPA

      Uttam Agarwal
      Partner of
      K L Bansal & Co

    2. Anonymous12:04 AM

      adukia ; got 90 from Ashok's elimination ...... !

      ghia getting 19 also seems interesting from him

      and strange dhinal or Maheshwari or Ghokle did not get much from him?


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