22 December 2009

CC: Process is slow

Dear friends,

The process is very very slow and cumbersome. So giving figure after each elimination is really very difficult as we don't have much interested people left there reporting from there.

People who are already sitting from 1st to 7th place are already there and in. They are safe. They may move little up and down the ladder but remain safe. The only interest left now in the result is about who will be last 4 candidates. And for that you need to track only candidates sitting at place from 8th to 13th. I don't see any possibility any candidate sitting at 14th to 25th place and have any chances of winning.

So what I am trying to do is informing about the latest place of the people in last 6 place. Who are there from 8th to 13th after each elimination is only important and what is difference between them. Except that there is only academic importance for figures and no.s, which unfortunately I am unable to gather at this moment.

Hope you understand my limitations.

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