23 December 2009

CC: Well done Tarun Ghia

  • The performance of Tarun Ghia has been amazing. He remained at 12th place throughout and lost the battle from the same place
  • He remained above Nihar Jambusaria after all rounds and kept on increasing his lead over Nihar and that was the only way left to his win. Tarun proved himself better than Nihar
  • Nihar's second preference votes made Mahesh Sarda win. Not because Mahesh Sarda got more votes from Nihar, but, becasue Nihar's second preference votes were not on expected lines. Everybody was expecting Nihar's elimination will give great benefit to Tarun and will push Tarun on 11th Place.
  • Atul Bheda got very good votes from Nihar, which made Atul secured and pushed him to 8th place
  • Tarun got 224 from Nihar, but his competitor Atul too got around 175 so he couldn't capitalize on that. If Atul would have got lesser no. of votes from Nihar, it would have made a different story
  • Even Nilesh Vikamsey and Sanjeev Maheshwari secured very good votes from Nihar's elimination, though it only improved their postion
  • Mahesh Sarda was made safe by Durgesh Buch. Durgesh Buch gave him decisive lead over Tarun Ghia, which Tarun couldn't make up till last


  1. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Aswinbhai..What about Regional Council? who from ahmedabad..?

  2. Let's see Bhavnaben becomes first female president of ICAI during this term 2010-2013. As Chairperson of Ruling party and opposition in LS is female, Chairperson of LS is female, Hon'ble president of Republic of India is female. And her presidentship should have been much ahead of others, As she is one of the best candidate, members of WIRC sending in CC for so many years.So, I think she is the best choice for highest post of ICAI when next WIRC turn comes.
    At the same time, Would have loved to see Tarunbhai in CC, As, for so many years, he is struggling for Common Members for trasperancy in allotment of various assignments. But in democracy, People's mandate is above all.We hope that, Tarunbhai will continue to look after affairs of Common Members and slow and steady will win the race in future. My hearty cong. to all elected CC Members with hope that they will prove different for Members in years to come.

  3. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Even if Mrs Bhavna Doshi becomes president, she should not make any interference in disciplinary actions because recenntly Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group ( In which Mr Gautam Doshi is in the management ) has filed one complaint against CA against RCOM - Special Auditor . Coincidently News of filing complaint by ADAG group with ICAI came with the same time when result of first round of Central Council elections declared.

  4. Yes. I Do agree with you,She always should be impartial so far as desciplinary matters are concerned. Why only Desciplinary, All decisions should be impartial. That's why more and more tranparency is needed in functioning of ICAI.

  5. Anonymous11:30 PM

    good job done by you
    request you to update results of other regions also
    just to see the voting and elimination pattern
    if not so real time like WIRC but once or twice in a day please update about the other regions also


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