22 December 2009

Counting will resume now tommorrow. Have a good night!!

  • Counting will resume now tommorrow.
  • First of all Bhavana Doshi's excess votes around 110 will be distributed.
  • Then First elimination of Dilip V Shah will start followed by Chintamani Deshpande and B K Rathi


  1. Now that Bhavana is elected in the first round, let me congratulate her on her astoning performance. I am sure entire CA fraternity joins me here. As Bhavana has necessary leadership qualities, ability to lead, clear vision for the profession, intelligence and most importantly desire to contribute to thw growth of the profession with integrity and honesty, I would wish her to be the first lady President of the Institute.At the national level we already have a lady President and lady Speaker and now let us be a part of history to have a lady President at the helm of our affairs.Certainly she cant be there before 2011 when professin enters historic moment with new DTC, GST, IFRS, new LLP Regime in place and new Companies Act.This is moment we need her leadership. Let me wish her best of Luck and a place in the history of the Institute and nation. CA VINOD Z VASA, Mumbai

  2. Anonymous10:47 AM


    Counting of Second preference votes started? Whats your view? Who will survive and who will fall....

  3. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Give updation after elimination starts in Central Council.

  4. It's nice to see that Bhavanben is going once gain into CC. Others like Jaydeepbhai also a very good member.


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