22 December 2009

CC: End game for Durgesh and Dhinal is in safe zone!!

Dhinal is around 1600 and is in for sure. For Durgesh Buch everything is already over. Its impossible. Ashok's elimination might give votes to Durgesh, but of no use, becasue Durgesh too will be eliminated later or sooner. The only interesting part is how much Tarun Ghia and Nihar Jambusaria get from Ashok Thakkar. Tarun is having lead of around 80 votes over Nihar. Nihar will get good votes from Baroda, and so will Tarun, but will Nihar able to bridge the lead of 80 votes? To me it doesn't seem to. Even after Ashok Thakkar, Tarun will have a lead becasue 80 votes lead is very big. So watch only Tarun's and Nihar's vote from each elimination and that only make or break. So right now Atul Bheda, Nihar Jambusaria and Tarun Ghia are in race for the only available 11th place. Then again will Mahesh bhai move above or not? AFter Ashok, there is no scope for Maheshbhai. SO that will too make in interesting. And if Tarun or Bheda surpass Maheshbahi, Maheshbhai could also come in trouble, which is unlikely at this moment.


  1. Anonymous8:29 PM

    is it pack and go for rajubhai? What is his status?

  2. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Ye to hona hi tha........

  3. Anonymous8:36 PM

    SMS war didn't work for any of these candidates. Some of them asked for 1st preference and some even for the second preference. Voters have rightly reacted. Candidates like Nileshbhai never buzzed our cellphones and still they made it. Real battle is won not in canvassing but in working for the CA fraternity. Sabko sanmati de bhagwan!

  4. Anonymous8:38 PM

    well said - even BJP failed in SMS War. History repeated.

  5. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Respected Ashvinbhai,
    I see it is first time that someone like you is giving the news for ICAI election counting.
    Keep it up. Every member are interested in your post. Please update the news within short gaps of time. Thank you very much and congratulations to you for this activity.

  6. Anonymous9:32 PM

    when v vl able to know d final standing? any idea

  7. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Dear Ashwin..what happened to Maheshbhai? Is he in or out?


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