22 December 2009

First Preference Votes

Rank Sr. No. Name of Candidate 1st Preference Votes
1 9 CA. Doshi Bhavana Gautam 2329
2 1 CA. Adukia Rajkumar Satyanarayan 1736
3 21 CA. Shah Jaydeep Narendra 1630
4 11 CA. Gokhale Jayant Purushottam 1601
5 25 CA. Zaware Shiwaji Bhikaji 1521
6 24 CA. Vikamsey Nilesh Shivji 1482
7 12 CA. Jain Pankaj Inderchand 1469
8 5 CA. Bheda Atul Chunilal 1421
9 17 CA. Sarda Mahesh Pansukhlal 1405
10 18 CA. Shah Dhinal Ashvinbhai 1403
11 15 CA. Maheshwari Sanjeev Krishnagopal 1392
12 10 CA. Ghia Tarun Jamnadas 1214
13 13 CA. Jambusaria Nihar Niranjan 1202
14 6 CA. Buch Durgesh Vamanray 852
15 3 CA. Arun Anandagiri 830
16 7 CA. Chhajed Prafulla Premsukh 724
17 2 CA. Agarwal Brijmohan 723
18 23 CA. Thakkar Ashokkumar Rameshchandra 722
19 4 CA. Bansal Krishan Lal 654
20 14 CA. Madkholkar Mahesh Keshav 545
21 20 CA. Shah Hardik Pravinkumar 444
22 22 CA. Shah Raju Chandrakant 426
23 16 CA. Rathi Bal Kishan 366
24 8 CA. Deshpande Chintamani Vasudeo 321
25 19 CA. Shah Dilipkumar Vadilal 277


  1. Anonymous1:04 AM


  2. Anonymous1:07 AM

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  3. Anonymous1:11 AM

    This is final first count

  4. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Whether counting is over or still going on?

  5. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Ashwin Bhai, its a very good way which you have invented.....neend hi nahi aa rahi....

  6. Anonymous2:36 AM

    It is a very interesting situation. the gap between the 13th and the 14th candidate is very large - 350 to be precise. Durgesh Buch is at 14th position and although the elemination of Gujarat candiates is likely to bolster his kitty somewhat, it may not be enough to allow him to upset the apple cart of any other in the first 13. Even in the unlikely event, if he surpasses Tarun or Nihar, once either of them is eliminated, Durgesh will be left far behind. so his winning is most unlikely at the moment. However, once either of Tarun or NIhar is eliminated - one of them is likely to get a tremendous boost - which may upset the applecart of one of the sitting members - which may be him? its a guessing game - it could be Mahesh Sarda - or even Atul Bheda - or ...... very difficult to predict indeed.

  7. Anonymous11:08 AM

    I agree with the analysis about Durgesh. Thats enough to show him his right place.

  8. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Any news on Distribution of Surplus and Eliminated Votes?


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