22 December 2009

CC: In Central council only First 13 candidates are in race till Nihar Jambusaria and Tarun Ghia

  • IN Central council candidates who has ranked till no. 13 in no. of votes, are in race. All other are gone out of race
  • Its interesting to see once who is first eliminated out of Tarun Ghia and Nihar Jambusaria. Whomsoever will be eliminated first will push the other up in the ladder and may be above candidate sitting at no. 11 at that point of time and may upset the game of that candidate
  • All Gujarat elimination will push Dhinal, Tarun Ghia, Atul Bheda, Mahesh Sarda and Nihar Jambusaria above in the race
  • Same way elimination of B K Rathi, Praful Chhajed and B M Agarwal will push Sanjeev Maheshwari up in the ladder
  • So its really very interesting to see vote happens in elimination
  • For the candidates who are sitting at 10 to 13 in rank right now, the game is still dicy for them
  • Keeop your fingers crossed


  1. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Thanks Ashwin for the regular updates. Keep em coming!!

  2. Anonymous6:33 PM

    I think Durgesh bhai over estimated his confidence. We wish to see him in Central council


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