24 December 2009

Pune: Only two candidates Dinesh Gandhi and Dilip Apte will win

At current situation, Pune will get only two seats that has become now very very clear.
Apte is struggling right now at 20th place, but at the same time there are two other Pune candidates Charu Upasani (424 votes) and Milind Limaye (535 votes) who are sure to be eliminated and once they eliminate they will make Apte sure. Dinesh Gandhi is already in, and he can start printing party invitation, and have a great evening!!

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  1. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Hey Ashwin, me too in agreement with ur pune reading ...Apte will be thru on the elimination of Limaye and surprisingly he is the only candidate from pune to get seconds on every elimination ...isnt that great for a nevau candidate like him...pl keep us posted on the development.. Asavari....


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