01 December 2009

ICAI ELECTION - unwanted SMS, Emails & Calls

Like you and Mr.Ramesh Agarwal, I as well as many of our members are equally suffering.  40/50 SMS and numerous mails that too multiple mails from the same candidate are such a pain that I sincerely wish the election is over. I do not mean any disrespect to any of our fellow members. I understand their anxity.


The institute can send mails giving contributions by candidates at one go and request all candidates not to canvass. All candidates hold respectable position in the society and it would be better if canvassing is not resorted to in future elections.


Best wishes

CA. P.Chatterjee

I fully agree with Mr Agrawal's view. One lady vandana is also disturbibg like hell on SMS as well as E mail. I wonder how come she has got all the details like mobile numbers, e mail id etc.


Our Institute should barred all these menance at once or may be such kind of approach should be barred from election's fair practice code.


CA Paresh Desai


Dear fellow members,
In continuation to the same I would like to add that some of the electoral candidates have send their article students at the residence/offices of the members. And each article has to at least cover 100 members  in a day.
Thanks & Best Regards

CA Kanan Gala

Dear All,


I have been having this menace as our friend has pointed out and I guess all of us have got into this mess.


I understand that we could ask the Institute not to share the e-mail and mobile numbers. Could one of you check? If it is not there then we need to write to the Institute and ask them to put up a code of ethics and also adopt a privacy policy.


In my personal case - I have been lucky for the past 10 days as I am out of India and switched off the mobile and I know that when I get back on Saturday morning I will be greeted with a huge number os SMS.


Unfortunately, the Institute elections have become worse than political elections. If you have friends contesting elections please forward this and any other mail on this topic and ask them to think.


CA Sriganesh  

Dear Shri All,


Thanks for the e-mail.

I fully subscribed to the feeling of my fellow members Chartered Accountants.


It is really so much of the botheration that some time we feel not to open the PC, the laptop, the incoming calls and even the SMS.


I really failed to understand as to what this election is? Are we really comparable to the most polluted politicians???


It's really the time to introspect and do something about the nuisance that we have been facing all through out from last more than a month.


With regards,

One totally frustrated and totally disturbed Chartered Accountant.  

Dear Members


It has made my family's life miserable. Even When you are in bed room, sms beep buzz. This beep is like a horrible sound. Every one in my family has fear of it. Before becoming CA, I never thought that this nobel profession will make my life miserable for few days. Let us, honour the dignity of profession and make lives happy.

Pawan Jain


Dear sirs,
Yes, I agree with all of you! It has become like a political battle and this does not go well with the esteemed profession like CAs in India. Also it sends a wrong signal to outside world of CAs that Indian CAs are no way less than their political leaders displaying not so good qualities of keeping the profession away from the politics. I am sure once elected, our elected members will conveniently forget their fellow colleagues following the foot steps of our elected MPs or MLAs.
So, our institute should bring out a Dos and Don'ts for the next election keeping the ethical and moral standards of our profession in high order.
Hope wisdom prevails with the central council for the future.

Dear All

My name is Ameet Israni and my membership number is 13252 (1972 registration).

I am appalled at the manner in which this election is taking place and the mode of canvassing.

1) I have received the official list of candidates from the ICAI New Delhi only three days back and the election is on 4th Dec. The list was dispatched by ordinary post on 15th November 2009.

2) There are some candidates on the list for Central Council who may not deserve to be in the list. Has any background check been done?

3) The reputation of our profession has taken a severe blow due to unpleasant happenings in the past.

4) We have to device a system that if any member of the institute wishes to blackball any candidate, it should be allowed after an investigation.

I look for suggestions.

Kind Regards

Ameet Israni

It is me sincere appeal to all members, either young ones or like us to boycott the elections.

Let us go to H.C, Appeal for the dissolve of constitution wherein the elected members of the professionals are the members of any type of body except framing Accounting Standards.


Let the Institute should be controller by some other institute or by elected group of Learned Retired Advocates of H.C. to keep our profession intact, otherwise one day will come where no one will believe this profession.


All members are spending recklessly to mint money with interest once they elected.


One day we all have to stop this nonsense. It is possible only if we all unite at this crucial juncture to save the image of profession.


CA Laxmi Mittal

With all due respect and acknowledgement of sentiments and views expressed by some of the fellow members, I would like to add that the election of the council is a part of the overall process of democracy being practiced in our country and in my view, democracy itself is a process of evolution where we try to arrive at a fine balance between FREEDOM and CONTROLS. Electoral Canvassing is also an integral part of democratic process where some times we experience excesses on the side of FREEDOM. However, rather than trying to overcome such excesses through systemic CONTROLS, it would be in the interest of democracy to try and achieve it through the process of creating awareness about the importance and value of Individual privacy. This can be best achieved by initiating debate and discussion as done herein by the fellow members. I am sure that in times to come, the learned fraternity like ours shall give due consideration to the value of Individual privacy while going through this process of canvassing for the future elections.




Kishor Kansagra

Dear Srinivas/Ramesh,
While I do agree on this however I think its legitimate and fair to hear from Election Candidates over the phone and SMS and request for preferntial votes. This is all part of the election process and should be taken in a very right spirit.

Warm Regards,
Mahesh C Soni

Dear Sir
At least mr. Agarwal is getting SMS address to him, in my case SMS addressed to some mr. Deshpande is being delivered to me since last six months and despite several attempts to get it straightened out, no solution! Further it is very shallow and unbecoming when some one whom i do not know or even have a faintest acquaintance, sends me a mass sms for navratri, diwali, new year etc! Time our members reflected on this and use the money spent on these to better causes like sponsoring some deserving students for education!

Natarajan T.G.

To stop this menace, you could do the following :
Call your mobile service provider or visit their website and register for DNC ( though not very effective but still)
If you use outlook for emails then you can block / delete all messages containing word " election " by going to the rules option wherein you can create your own rules.
Similarly you can block emails by going to Option - "safe & Blocked sender" -in hotmail /gmail etc., and block a particular email ID. After the election you can unblock whichever you want. 
It is a pity that we all have to do this by wasting our precious professional time but there is no other option at this point of time.
My proposal to the ICAI :
Let's all write a letter to the ICAI and request them to order immediate stoppage of all types of canvassing for the election and if anyone does not follow the order, his name should be removed from the electoral list and debarred from the ICAI list for atleast six months.

CA.Bharat Desai

Dear All,


Can we do something?..... i guess no... except exchanging mails and in the worst case not to vote.

Election fever from politics has been passed on to our esteemed institute....



CA Himesh Lakhani

The best thing seems to be that you update your profile in the institute in which you do not provide any telephone or email id as the members' directory is the main source of this type of harassment. 

Any body at institute listning?


CA Deepak Purswani

I fully support & request our professional brothers & sisters to act responsibly.
vimal singhania






  1. Anonymous8:03 PM

    One candidate from mumbai called me at 7.30 in the morning.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I am aware that all community is very much tired of these things. But looking at the candidate's possition to win the election he has to do such type of canvassing. Also No. of candidates standing for elections of central as well as regional council are as many as 66 (44+22) approx. We have to keep patience till 5th of December, 2009. This is the time to support all the candidates and keep patience. This is our responsibility to give right person at the right position in regional as well as central council. We can only try to guess candidate's attitudes and level by observing their canvassing techniques wether they are capable for the said posts and we have to act according to our individual guessings.

  3. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Dear Fellow Members;
    We all are writing here and expressing our concern but what is the result at the end....! Now only 2 days to go for elections we may not be able to do something this time but atleast ICAI should take some actions for the next election. So lets try to send our voice and concern to ICAI for future election process reforms. Use of technology is good but just sending emails day and night as no cost involved in it is something wrong use of technology.
    CA. R.Shah

  4. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Respected Members,

    I had feelings like that Parliament Election again come, all respected candidates are like contesting Parliament Election.


    Ca Premal Suresh Patel

  5. Anonymous11:30 AM

    For the very few members in Industry who take the trouble to remain as members of the Institute (by paying the annual fees) although they get no serious benefit from such membership especially if they are in non traditional areas (i.e. other than accounting, finance and taxation) this whole rigramole around elections only amounts to harrassment and will probably push them to not paying their fees the next year.

  6. CA Kedar M. Deshpande2:46 PM

    Although I myself have been at the receiving end of this mass mail/sms/calls routien I think canvassing to a certain extent is necessary. How else would we know about the value each candidate proposes to bring to the table??

    Having said this, I believe that each candidate should be allowed to contact the voter just ONCE, by whatever means. Be it mailer, sms or call - ONE point of contact THATs all. Though it might inconvinience some members, I think it will help those who are undecided. Further, ICAI should have a very strict 'DND' list where members can register for avoiding such solicitation.

  7. CA Shreyash Sheth7:47 PM

    After hearing all frans and professional colleague suffering for ths serious virus...I would lke to say jus.....

    Pls...Pls...Pls....Save us....!!!!!

  8. Anonymous10:59 AM

    The Institute should put a BAN on canvassing by SMS as it has really become a pain.The SMSs are received at 12.00 mid-night which means our respected members do not respect other members time.Several phone calls and sms have really made life miserable. The Institute should definitely look into this very seriously.

  9. Anonymous11:36 AM

    CA Nimish Mehta,

    I think the way of contetsing the election is not appropriate considering the name & goodwill of our esteemed profession. Candidiates being professional CAs should respect & consider other professional colleagues professional & personal life before campaigning this way by continuous calls, smses & mails.

    It has really become a headache as at times u might reply a cell thinking of some important which may turn out to be just a campaign call.

    ICAI should prepare some strict code of conduct as well as should not inform the candidiates of e-mail ids & mobile nos which ultimately leads to harrassments.

    It now seems the politicans were campaigning better than our CA colleagues as were not harassing & interefering in any one's privacy.



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