20 December 2009

Shrinivas, Lalan, Durgesh, Dhiraj, Hegde seem to cross the quota in WIRC

  • Unlike Central Council, all seating candidates in WIRC are not only comfortable but will top the charts. Very smooth sailing for all of them. And the big wigs like Shrinivas Joshi, Sanjeev Lalan, Durgesh Kabra, N C Hegde and Dhiraj Khandelwal are likely to get highest votes among all and are likely to cross the quota.
  • Who struggling in sitting candidates? Though most of the sitting candidates in WIRC are going to improve their performance and get higher votes than vote they secured in last elections, but there are some people who are struggling. Market observers say that Makrand Joshi from Nagpur is really struggling. And that is because of strong competition by his arch rival Julfesh Shah. Whosoever get the more first preference votes, will be through the election. I personally believe Makrand Joshi, though may fighting tough battle, will ultimately win the war because of his being third term. But not as comfortable as last time. He may be on charts from 16th to 22nd place. But it all depends upon who gets the higher first preference votes. If Julfesh is above, one election Pundit says keep ready for the first surprise in the region.
  • Chandrakant Pawar from Nashik too may not be improve his performance compared to last election. Reason being his competition. And also Umesh Sharma from Aurangabad who is going to give him very tough time, though it seems he will be able to make it. Pawar is my very good friend, all the best!!
  • Goa? it's disheartening to note that you need a Preeti Mahatme to represent an entire state in council whether regional or central. Less no. of votes in Goa and fierce fighting in rest of Maharashtra and high turn out in Mumbai makes my dear friend Gautam Verlekar, handsome Goa candidate vulnerable. Sorry dear, I am really sorry about you if you are unable to make it.
  • Pune is coming back to election arena with a very big bang. A city which has the largest no. of CA votes in region, the largest branch in western region has very rarely represented itself in Central council and very very poorly at regional council. Ahmedabad is smaller than Pune in no. of votes terms but still had 5 regional council members in last term and always once Central council member in each election. So welcome back, Pune, I can think of even 3 regional council members from Pune with undoubted lead of Dinesh Gandhi, who is likely to get highest no.s of first preference votes from Pune.
  • Baroda is a sure seat always as usual. So no analysis required from there. Congratulations Rajesh Shah.
  • Ahmedabad is a magic. 5 regional council members last time. If you are expecting a repeat performance from Ahmedabad, ready to be disappointed. I believe three members from Ahmedabad. Fourth can come in special case. How second preference works and how much the first preference each candidate gets. Parag Raval is undoubted leader in Ahmedabad getting highest no. of votes. But the problem is higher the first preference votes Parag gets, blinker are the chances of Yamal Vyas and Nitin Pathak. These two people should pray that Parag doesn't get very high first preference votes, because that will ruin their first ever regional council career in WIRC of ICAI.
  • Who are going to top the charts from Ahmedabad? Unanimously Parag with highest no. of first preference votes. I believe, his second will be much below, and most likely B K Patel is going to rock the charts at second place. Third will be one from Amrish Patel, Yamal Vyas and Nitin Pathak, I personally believe Amrish Patel has a very good chance to stand third on the chart. But I said you, Parag's first preference may make or break the game. If Parag doesn't get high first preference votes, its Balle balle time for Yamal and Nitin. All three are strong contender for the thrid place. It's interesting to see vote voters think and what the ballot boxes has for them in store.
  • Aamachi Mumbai. Mumbai is going to increase its seat this time. It looks like because of the increased voters turnout in Mumbai. Who is hot in Mumbai? As mentioned all sitting members are very very comfortable. Who are the new comers hitting the chart? Observers say the probability of Vishnu Agarwal, Anil Bhandari, Jayesh Kala are very very high and they are likely to make it to Regional Council.
  • Surat made it after a very very long time last time. Will Surat again have it's presence in regional council? Observer from Surat says a big question. A divided house in Surat and very fierce fighting may be a big block in transferring second preference what to one another Surati. And if that happens, it will be very unfortunate that Surat will loose its seat it got last time. I wish it doesn't happen.
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