30 December 2009

Surat Branch gets it unanimous Managing Committee

List of members of managing Commitee of Surat Branch
Despite having many differences and bitter contests in recently concluded elections, Surat branch was able to get unanimous managing committee. Many members got invoved in the process and magaed it in the larger interest of profession. Members like Lokesh Khadaria too playes his role and withdrew his nomination, despite being a chairman aspirant. Kudos to all involved.
Here is new managing committe:
CA Bhootwala Herekrishna
CA Hitendra Modi
CA Tosniwal H
CA Rajeev Chanda
CA P C Choudhary
CA Pragnesh Jagaseth
CA Nishit Mehta
CA Dharmesh Tamkuwal


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Great Surat Branch and Thanks to Lokesh for this effort.

  2. Yes, It's a remarkable unity and integrity [Towards Surat Branch] observed in new Century. Being one of the candidate and entrant to Newly Selected Managing Committee. I was part of Whole Process. Firstly, Role played by Hon'ble Past Chairmen to convince all candidates, Positiveness shown by seating Managing Committee members Including CA Vedraj Agarwal, CA Nilkanth Desai, CA Lokesh Khadaria..[All r office bearers of Outgoing Committee]..Everyone's appraoch was too positive to explain in words. No body would believe that CA Lokesh & CA Mayank Desai themselves told the Empowered Committee that U [Empowered Committee] decide only on merit basis. Even Empowered Committee noticed that All candidates are equally competent, It's difficult to Select 8 among those.
    As newly Selected committee member, I assure all that all candiates shall be part of our team and appropriate forum shall be offered to each one of them.
    It's great and I'm confident that this is new begining in the history of Surat Branch and Of Course, with the Cooperation form All 1292 Members of Branch.

  3. Anonymous12:16 PM

    it is not good for the branch, who deserve to be there are out like mayank desai, lokesh khadaria, cedraj agarwal, saurabh biyani, nilkanth desai.

    they have taken nishit mehta, pragnesh jagaseth, pc choudhary, rajeev chanda, dharmesh tamkuwala etc

  4. Anonymous3:00 PM

    CA Vinod Inamdar
    CA Baban S Dangale

    CA Manojkumar B Agarwal
    CA Suniiel Karbhari
    CA Chandrakumar Chhabra
    CA Suhas D Gardi

    Newly Elected Pimpri Chinchwad Members after Preferential Voting as done in WIRC and CC Elections.

    This shows that the unity till exist in diversity and even though elections done in such small branch but done with very systematic way and bringing all the members together.

    Cheers to Retaining Officer- Shinge and Past Managing Commitee who opted for Preferntial Voting First ever in Branch History.

    If we decide to be unite nobody can divide you. But if you are biased in that anybody can divide the united team.

  5. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Ashwin Bhai,

    If possible, Please post the above point for Pimpri Chinchwad Branch Seperately for comment.

  6. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Dear Ahwin,

    Please post some information on Vadodara, Jamnagar and Rajkot as well.


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