20 December 2009

Who fears what?

Its really interesting to note who fears what:

  • Jaydeep Shah
    • He got lots of vote from Pune last time. This time four Pune candidates and all strong. Working hard and could manage very very high voter turnout. This gives him sleepless nights. Pune candidate if get good no. of votes, he might not be benefited by their second preference.
    • Praful Chhajed is in field and is a candidate of not less than 1000 votes. He has very good in roads in muffsil. So that may eat into his votes
    • Gujarat has fielded many serious candidates. This will also impact Jaydeep bhai. He used to get very good votes from Gujarat. This time these votes will reach to him through second or third preferences only and this may cause him trouble.
    • STRENGTH: he has worked very hard for members. he has been in touch with members. he has handled Board of Studies for last 3 years. These are stimulus for increase in his votes. So let us see, how increase compensate the decrease.

  • Pankaj Jain
    • Praful Chhajed eating into muffsil votes of Pankaj. Also he is sharing votes of the firm from which they did their article ship.
    • Pune voting and its local candidates giving him tough time.
    • STRENGTH: he comes from a very very reputed family.He has a very strong and deep routed family base. He has deep in roads in industry voters.

  • Atul Bheda
    • Candidature of Nilesh Vikamsey has vertically splited his vote bank. And that is giving him hard time.
    • STRENGTH: He has worked really hard to reach to voters. he has maintained very very good rapport with voters throughout his tenure.

  • Mahesh Sarda
    • Very tough competition in Gujarat and 8 Candidates from Gujarat might make a dent into his first preference votes.
    • STRENGTH: He has a very very vast vote bank of Deloitte, the firm from which he belongs and very strong regional council candidate like N C hegde from the same firm supporting him in Mumbai. And that gives him very very clar edge over all other Gujarat candidates. He has unstinted support in Saurashtra.
  • Rajkumar Adukia
    • Very tough competition in Gujarat, from where he gets a very large chunk of votes. It may impact his first preference votes. Brij Mohan Agarwal and Praful Chhajed will eat into his votes.
    • STRENGTH: He has voters in each nook and corner of the region. From each polling booth he is sure to get some votes. His presence is everywhere. The great writer into him and then sharing the books to members free of charge has really made his fans everywhere. This gives him a great edge over his competitors. A focussd man with great strategies.

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