20 December 2009

Will WIRC see come back of female council member?

A million dollar question. Will WIRC see any woman council member? In last 3 terms and 9 years, we have seen only two woman regional council member. One Pooja Gupta and other Preeti Mahatme. Pooja had a bright career in WIRC but she went abroad after her maiden inning in WIRC. Then came Preeti Mahatme. She was a brand in herself. She represented Goa in both regional council and central council. But in my opinion it was brand Preeti who won and not Goa. It needs lots of courage, guts to become a Preeti. To repeat her performance for anyone, its really very very difficult if not impossible.

So what this time? How Vandana Dodhia and Shruti Shah are doing? Vandana attempted earlier two times but couldn't make it. Will she make this time? Will sympathy work in her favour? Will female voters consider Shruti or Vandana as their first preference? May be, may not be. Election Pundits say if we compare both of them Vandana no doubt has clear edge above Shruti. Let us see, what ballots say.

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