14 January 2010

Ahmedabad: No big Four had interest in ICAI Branches

  • One of my friend called me from Pune and asked did  this time big four had a panel in branch election and big four contested? I was wondering why he is asking such question. Then I was traveling from Mumbai to Ahemdabad and one of CA belonging to Ahmedabad working in Mumbai in MNC recognised me and walked to me and introduced and asked the same question. Then I started thinking why people are thinking like this?
  • This is the background I thought let me write on this on my blog. If anybody knows about ICAI, is well aware the power is centered in New Delhi and all policy decisions are taken at Central Council. Regional Council are mere extension of branch, or say Regional council are only branches for big metros. Nothing else. Looking at this, as far my understanding goes, big fours are never attracted to even regional councils, forget about branches. The real power center is at New Delhi and big four always want their presence felt at Central Council.
  • There have been very few examples of having a big four candidates in regional council. In WIRC I have seen only N C Hegde in last many years who belonged to Big Four. And never at branches.
  • What happened at Ahmedabad? In Ahmedabad branch elections, only one candidate Sanjay R Shah out of 17 candidates contesting belonged to Big Four. And I don't think in this any activity by Big Four to control the branch. I look at it like this, Sanjay R Shah had been elected  member of managing committee of Ahmedabad Branch in 2001-2004 too, when he was not part of any Big Four. So merely because he is now part of Big Four can't be looked at as an attempt of Big Four to conquer ICAI branches. I really wonder how the scenario was painted by presence of only one Big Four candidate that Big Four is contesting under a panel?
  • What do you think?


  1. Yes Mr.Ashwin even I think that your view is correct. Infact no Big four are involved in this election. And Even Mr. Sanjay R. Shah also belong to an independent small firm initially. I think this is a way of demotivating the candidates.

  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    How much money one can earn in his/her tenure in managing committee of ICAI branch? Guys..please quote aprox figures as i intend to contest elections as soon as possible.


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