06 January 2010

Pune Branch Elections Called Off

Pune branch elections have been called of by WIRC. Following allegations and counter allegations, the elections have been called off by WIRC and a fresh procedure will be initiated.


  1. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Gr8 decision........the nomination dates were not known to many interested candidates

  2. Anonymous4:45 PM

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  3. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Embarrassing !!!!!!!! Serious doubts on integrity and democracy at ICAI since past few months !!!!

    But we must be optimistic...let us move ahead with bunch of good people like Ashwin bhai around. People like Ashwin Bhai should be Returning Officer for all elections including of Central Government....Three Cheers to Ashwin Bhai!

  4. Pramod S. Shingte3:04 PM

    Dear Ashwin,

    I would like to know the person writing with this kind of personal comment about me as acting in biased manner, as I want to personally complaint against the person to the Institute. Kindly do the needful.

    Pramod Shingte

  5. Pramod S Shingte3:07 PM

    Dear Anonymus Gentelmen,

    If u have courage then please come forward and disclose your identity.

    Pramod Shingte

  6. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Do the WIRC/ICAI has right to csll off elections, once election procedure is on?
    In my opinion election can be called off by returning officer only and by any other bodies (includig courts, norrmally directions are given to returing officer).
    Can branch manging comittee/council fucntion once elections are pronounced?
    In my opinion only care taker office bears work and no elected body can hold official meeting or to have agenda to call such out going elected body's meeting. It has been observed that, out going elected body call meeting to hand over charge to newly elected body.
    In my opinon New comitee Meeting should be conveyed by out going comittee secretay or officer of institute.
    Who should be returnig officer?
    In my opnion Returing officer should be one who is not a voter of such branch and should have good experince and knowledge of election procedure.
    What should be elction prcedure?
    Returing officer should be given in advance detail procedure to conduct election and relevant procedures should be given to those who seek to contest election.
    General election procedure is as follow
    Anoucement of name of returning offier
    Returing officer publish dates of election.
    Firstly forms of canditature made avialabe to members along with detail guildlins and requirment to file nomination form.
    Secondly last date of depositing nomination forms.
    Thirdly srutiny of nomination forms in front of all canditatesand decaltion of valied forms. Reasons to be given to those whose forms rejected.
    Fourthly date of withdrawal of forms.
    Fifthly declration of final list of canditate.
    Sixthly holding election if necessary on the of election.
    Seventh counting of votes.
    Finaly declration of results.
    Who should be member of couting sttaff?
    In my opinion Couting sttaff member, should not be voter of same branch whose election are concluded and should not be office satff from same office where newly elected members are going to function.
    Mane BB

  7. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Please read as follow :( Corrections Post At the Time 3.07PM)
    In my opinion election can be called off by returning officer only and not by any other bodies (includig courts, norrmally directions are given to returing officer).
    Thirdly scrutiny of nomination forms in front of all canditates and decaration of valied forms. Reasons to be given to those whose
    forms are rejected
    Who should be member of counting sttaff?
    Sixthly holding election if necessary on the date of election
    In my opinion Counting sttaff member, should not be voter of same branch whose election are conducted and should not be office satff from same office where newly elected members are going to function

    MANE B B

  8. Subodh Shah5:24 PM

    I have personally gone through 2 branch elections as a candidate in Pune. In my opinion CA Pramod Shingte has been a person of utmost integrity who has conducted the past two elections very properly and without any bias. I am surprised at the unwarranted allegations made against him by some anonymous persons.

  9. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Dear Mr. Mane,
    1. Unfortunately voter's opinion does not hold any value if regulations are in place.
    2. Unfortunately, election regulations are also not available on ICAI website.
    3. Unfortunately, ICAI has failed to bring transperency in its processes specific to Elections.

    However, we all need to come together and bring confidence in members.
    YOUR OPINIONS are valuable and must be addressed at Central Council level.

    @ Mr. Shingte - Unfortunately, this is not the correct forum to challange courages, complaints etc.

    @ Ashwin Bhai - Thank you for being Player-Coach of the forum. All irrelevant posts must be monitored and controlled appropriately.

    CA. Veer

  10. Anonymous5:43 PM

    read this article of Indian Express today. Shameful comment by Pune branch chairman.


  11. Anonymous6:06 PM

    If returning officer followed rules why election canceled by WIRC?
    CA Jai

  12. Dear Anonymous,

    I do not agree with your comments. Pune Branch Chairman has infact saved OUR skin by not speaking the truth. Trust me...business community may not be able to digest the 'Political frauds' at ICAI. We cannot afford to loose confidence of business community and investors.
    I repeat... we all need to come together, work harder and build a strong & reliable culture at ICAI Pune. Only one chartered Accountant with wrong ethics can damage the entire profession. I hope you take this in a right spirit.

    @ All Anonymous users - Freedom of Expression is gauranteed by Constitution of India and hence may post comment either with name or google account. Please do not FEAR to ANY PERSON as our profession will always protect you.

    CA. Veer

  13. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Its suprising that the returning officer kept mum till WIRC got into action and few members went to the court of Law..Pune br elections are talk to the town due to passive approach of certain members during the whole process...Hope the entire matter will be a lesson for the no brainers,,,,Agree with CA Veer , Its high time for us to UNITE and restore the confidence in the system...

  14. Milind Gramopadhye, chairman of ICAI Pune, said the nominations were rejected for technical reasons and that the two members have made false allegations. “However, after consulting our head office, we have taken a decision to cancel the poll and begin a new process very soon,” he said.

    Dear all,
    How funny is the comment given by the Branch Chairman. It simply means that "The Branch has carried out the election procedure properly but since you want re elections we will cancel the current schedule and re-conduct the elections"

    CA Saideep DhoblePatil.

  15. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Dear Mr SUbodh,
    I am also a former branch managing committee member. And everyone is aware of your close relation witrh retuerning officer. why returning officer take no actionn when more than 10 persons were forced to withdraw 1 day before branch election in 2003. so subodh, please do not mix politics with your relation with returning officer.


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