02 January 2010

Who will rule WIRC for next three years? Part-2

  • Last heard, the group has been formed. But let me keep this secret for the moment. Let us discuss something else and raise your curiosity before I disclose what is latest in the market.
  • Who are the chairman candidates? Here are the claimants (Only three will make it):
    • N C Hegde
    • Shrinivas Joshi
    • Sunil Patodia
    • Durgesh Kabra
    • Sanjeev Lalan
    • Ashok Jain
  • Who are the aspirants for vice-chairmanship? 
    • B K Patel
    • Makrand Joshi
    • Rajesh Shah
    • C V Pawar
    • Jay Chhaira
    • Julfesh Shah
    • Dinesh Gandhi
  • Honorary secretaries list:
    •  Mangesh Kinare
    • Anil Bhandari
    • Vishnu Agarwal
    • Shardul Shah
    • Parag Raval
    • Neel Majithia
  • Who is claiming Treasurership?
    • None
    • Historically nobody wants to become treasurership. The treasurership is only thrust upon. All members from outside Mumbai, wants to become vice-chairman, and all Mumbai members want to become secretary. But in the No's game, people need to sacrifice. And all who sacrifice, are thrust upon the most prestigious Treasurership, giving the first right to sign the Balance Sheet of WIRC.
  • Who are likely to be thrust upon the treasurership:
    • Parag Raval
    • Dinesh Gandhi
    • Jay Chhaira
    • Julfesh Shah
  • Who doesn't want to be office bearer in this term?
    • Shruti Shah
    • Dilip Apte
Remember, I have listed many names, but only 3 in each category will get the posts, depends upon which like minded people agrees to serve the WIRC as office bearers.
Though the list has narrowed down. But to keep this interesting, keep your anxiety on and expecting more hits on this blog, I am not disclosing things till some like minded people gathering today to discuss the positions complete their meeting. I willl tell you in third series who have decided to get together, what problems they are going to face and how difficult have become for them to agree on these limited office bearer ship.
Can we have something like joint-secretary or General Secretary to accommodate all? Hehehe.. I am kidding..


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Can first timer become chairman?

  2. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Its all No. game. Anyone can become chairman.

  3. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Ashwin Bhai...we all want you to contest Central Council Elections next time...we will support you in a BIG BIG way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Your inner reading and coments are really worth understanding which gives picture that our Professional body has been politicised. Ashwin, please continue to give updates on WIRC, same is the case with Central Council ? Dinesh


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