05 January 2010

WIRC Office Bearers Combination - 2

Welcome Back.
So now the combination 2. Why, because Combination 1 has got many problems. Many people and limited posts.

  • Vadodara has historically getting position of vice-chairmanship and Vadodara has always been with the winning combination. This time Vadodara is in problem. The challenges are from Surat for the position of vice-chairmanship. Not only Surat, but Pune is also putting a big challenge to the combination and claiming vice-chairmanship. So Who will get this position in addition to B K Patel and Makrand Joshi? Very interesting. If you want to take my view, Vadodara is trusted and old companion, so I bet on Vadodara, Rajesh Bhai, congratulations!!
  • Surat is a growing economy and crunching a large no. of chartered accountants every year. Surat has also become politically very active. Historically Surat was always with Mumbai candidates, but now since B K Rathi, Surat wants to make its on presence felt and want to play a role in the region. Surat has proved at many occasions that its not behind Vadodara in any case. It was inactive but it doesn't mean, its incapable. So you can't right off the Surat's claim so easily. Best of Luck Jay Chhaira!!
  • Pune is as big or bigger than Ahmedabad. if Ahmedabad gets vice-chairmanship why not Pune. Only problem is that my humble friend Dinesh Gandhi is very sober person. He doesn't believe in position. He is happy even if he gets and even if not.
  • C V Pawar is also claimiant for vice-chairmanship, but I think he has been sidelined by the current combination and most likely he will have to find the address of the coffee shop at cuffe parade which I mentioned in my earlier post.
  • Secretaries are fixed and happy. Anil Bhandari, Mangesh Kinare and Shardul Shah. No other challenger.
  • Treasurership too has become a bone of contention. One of the two Vadodara or Surat will get it. Dinesh Gandhi will another claimaint along with Julfesh Shah. Parag too is there to claim it. So one of the two Parag or Julfesh will get it.

So looking at all this, I think Combination 2 too is working. How?


  • N C Hegde
  • Sunil Patodia
  • Durgesh Kabra


  • Jay Chhaira
  • C V Pawar
  • Rajesh Shah


  • Anil Bhandari
  • Parag Raval
  • Vishnu Agarwal


  • Julfesh Shah
  • Neel Majithia
  • Diensh Gandhi

  • What will happen to Ashok Jain? I understand, he is a force in himself, so he will not be part of any group. He will remain out whichever combination succeeds.
  • You forgot Dhiraj Khandelwal? No I didn't, I think its a cooling period for his chairmanship claim. He has really worked very hard in his last term.
  • Shruti Shah and Dilip Apte will not take any position so far.

What do you think about this combination? And its possibility? Explore till the first combination settle their problems.

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  1. Anonymous11:47 PM

    By what time all these will be clear?

    Can you please explain combination for the post of VP at Delhi?


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