03 January 2010

WIRC: Who will make office bearer of WIRC? Combination 1

Hi! Welcome back. Now let us discuss the various combinations. Here is the combination 1:


  • Shrinivas Joshi
  • Sanjeev Lalan
  • Durgesh Kabara

(Variation available is N C Hegde in place of Durgesh Kabra, if N C Hegde is in, Anil Bhandari and Durgesh Kabra will be out of this combination.)


  • Makrand Joshi
  • B K Patel
  • Rajesh Shah

(If Anil Bhandari insist on becoming secretary, C V Pawar will have to be accommodated here, then who will be out? No one can be out, these three are very very strong contender, interesting..)


  • Mangesh Kinare
  • Shardul Shah
  • C V Pawar

(Variation available is Anil Bhandari instead of C V Pawar, in that case C V Pawar will have to be adjusted in Vice-chairmanship and in VC there is no vacancy at all, very very interesting!!)


  • Dinesh Gandhi
  • Jay Chhaira
  • Anil Bhandari

(Variation available is Parag Raval instead of whom? I don't know. Most likely Parag Raval will not be in office bearer ship, may be he get chairmanship of WICASA)

How is this combination? Comment... I will get back to you with Combination 2 soon.

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  1. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Ashwin Bhai...we all want you to contest Central Council Elections next time...we will support you in a BIG BIG way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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