09 February 2010

New office bearer of WIRC elected informally

So ultimately the D day came. Newly elected members conducted their informal meeting to elect their office bearers. The combination of Sanjeev Lalan, Shrinivas Joshi and Durgesh Kabra is in power now. They succeeded in wooing the newly regional council members. Here is the year 1 office Bearers:

Chairman : Sanjeev Lalan, Mumbai

Vice-Chairman: Makrand Joshi, Nagpur

Secretary : Mangesh Kinare, Mumbai

Treasurer : Parag Raval, Ahmedabad

So congratulations to all office bearers!!


  1. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Thanks you Mr. Ashwin... Can you provide their contact/mobile numbers, if possible...
    Thanks in advance..

    Jahir Mansuri
    Chartered Accountant

  2. congratulations to all the elected members.
    since our Makarand Joshi is elected as vice chairman I personally Congratulate him.
    Once again Heartiest congratulations to all the office bearers.
    CA rajesh kabra.

  3. Anonymous7:10 PM

    congratulations to all elected members..........

  4. Anonymous7:31 PM

    congratulations to all office bearers...

  5. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Thanks Mr Ashwin.
    Congrats to new team.
    All the Best..

    Ca.Kalpesh Korat

  6. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Congratulations to the new office bearers!! Young blood at the helm of affairs - We welcome you and wish you all the very best. Go ahead.

    CA. Deepak Rajgor
    Email - chartered4u@yahoo.co.in
    Tel - 9819192111

  7. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Congratulations to the new office bearers!

    CA. Ankit Gajjar

  8. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Congratulation to the new & dynamic team of Office beares. I welcome & wish you all the grand success in your term & particularly to my dearest friend CA Parag Rawal

    CA Jayesh Barot

  9. the institute had become rotten egg under the leadership of uttam aggarwal and persons like pankaj jain ( brainless ), bc jain , b m aggarwal.

    uttam aggarwal treated it as if his own jagir. now atleast something should be cleansed. . we should remeber that the posts are honorary and not for ones indirect benefit. we nned to appoint persons outside the feild as chairman etc and these so called experts committee be set up not this chamchas committeee for the development of the profession.

  10. Anonymous3:57 PM

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