21 July 2011

TDS Defaults (Notice) information in TIN Website (TAN Login)

ITD has started processing of TDS returns for 2010-11 (u/s 200A) and earlier years (u/s 201)

All 'defaults' information, those processed after 01-04-2011, are now made available at www.tin-nsdl.com. (TAN registration login)

The defaults will be raised as & when processed and will be kept updated in this area. It will be in a Zipped Excel sheet (no password) and quarter wise separate files will be available. (for which defaults are identified)

Deductors may also receive physical/email notices from local offices shortly.

So, the TAN registration login will cover below features now:

  1. Consolidated TDS file download and request tracking
  2. Form 16A data download and utility
  3. Form 15CA Submission
  4. Defaults information (Mistakes/Inconsistencies)
  5. Profile update

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