14 January 2012

Comments for future XBRL

Ministry of Corporate Affairs12-January, 2012 18:13 IST
Comments/Suggestions for future XBRL Implementation
The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has formed a committee to develop the roadmap for future implementation of XBRL. The committee has its Terms of References as under:

A. Identification of class of companies and various reports to be filed in XBRL in Phase-wise manner.

B. Development of Taxonomies to be used by Corporates for their regulatory filings to government agencies.

C. Extensions in Taxonomies and XBRL Assurance framework.

D. Training, awareness and capacity building of stakeholders.

E. Framework for consumption & dissemination of XBRL data.

Accordingly stakeholders have been requested to send in their suggestions/comments on xbrl.suggestion@mca.gov.in. or to write to Director (e-Governance), Room No. 536, A Wing, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi 110001.


(Release ID :79537)


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