26 April 2012

Modification of Dealers Return - Central Excise

Earlier, dealers who imported goods or purchased goods from other importers had difficulty in filing dealer returns in ACES, as the ACES application did not allow such dealers to mention their own Central Excise registration number, or the IEC Code of the importer in the column prescribed for mentioning the CE Registration number in the block "Documents based on which credit is passed on" in the dealer return . The application has now been modified, so that 1st or 2nd stage dealers who have either imported goods on their own or have purchased goods from other Importers can mention their own IEC code or the IEC Code of the importers in the prescribed column. The ACES application will verify if the IEC code is a valid one available in the database or not and in case of invalid IEC codes, the returns will be rejected. In case of rejection, the dealers can incorporate the correct IEC codes and e-file the return.

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CA Exams rescheduled

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