12 August 2012

ICAI Elections 2012: Watch this page

The ICAI elections are back. Keep watch this page for all the updates on this election. You can bookmark this. To begin with, the first issue we want to raise is election expenses. Do you know, how much is spent by each regional and central council election contestants? Mind boggling in some cases. Is it worth to spend this exorbitant amount?

A single mailer to all members of the election constituency costs lacs of rupees only postage, forget the cost of printing and stationary. It is worth? Can we go green? Our community is a highly educated one. Can't we ask all contestants to create a blog and post everything you want to on that and let ICAI share the link to all. Let people go to your blog, read, interact with the contestant and decide. When even income tax returns are made mandatory to file online, please don't argue that rural members don't have access to technology or internet.

Can't we ban all postal mailers? Contribute to environment and save cost too?

Is it possible that ICAI asks each contestants to write  a mailer with limitations of maximum words and distribute all mailers together along with its list of candidates and let people decide?

Just floating some ideas to ponder.. Appreciate  a debate and your views. After all we are all concerned for environment, for cost and elections... Speak your mind, thoughts below in comments...


  1. CA FALGUNI12:21 PM

    yes true .would like 2 concern 4 environment & should think of cost

  2. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Yes.Sure. Ashwinbhai you are pioneer amongst the CAs using this technology. But recently I read a mail where it was stated that helicopters are now being used for canvassing in CA elections! Then who will listen/agree to this suggestion?

  3. yes Ashwin you are absolutely correct. It has to be online...

  4. Dear Sir,
    I highly appreciate your thoughts on going green and also saving of huge costs. You have stated in the thought that the argument that rural members do not have access to the internet otherwise...I support your views on this issue..I would like to share an incident in this case...in one of video seminars of the institute a highly placed person in the ICAI had commented that there is lack of infrastructure in CA offices and members are not conversant with computers...I personally feel that such kind of comments should be avoided atleast in public forum.

  5. Anonymous11:49 AM

    There is no need to clog our mobile and e-mail inboxes either. Last time we felt simply harrasment deleting unwanted sms and e-mails from same candidate. It is unethical and unprofessional to use our personal data from institutes database for personal / electorial benefits. TRAI has started do call registrey (earlier don not call registry) why can't institute do something with our data and candidate sending sms/mailer to member who has not subscribed should be black listed by institue on receiving complain. Any way we have decided that we will not vote for the candidate who do harrasment for us :)

  6. Very True , We should consider environmental issues not only in elections but also in our day to day practice.Like Avoid irrelevant printouts. Use both the sides of a paper for printing.print Two pages on single if at all hard copy is needed .
    I recommend ICAI should have election website providing links to all CC and RC candidates who can display there credential, views and opinions on website itself. Who soever interest can surf accordingly

  7. Very True apart from this,any members who contested and elected must heard & respond to the other members voices & take prompt actions for help sought in professional interest of CA community as a whole,For examples CBI interference,case of Decade Long pending i GUJHC,Delivered Justice Murdered & Buried in HC(REF:SCA-15251/03,VNSGU(SURAT)GUJHC),Legal terrorism perpetrated on members might force to compromise Integrity of members,such cases must represent to GOVT by ICAI Elected Council.

  8. While it is fine to use technology, as some of the readers have pointed out, it is painful to receive sms round the year for all and sundry festivals! Worse in my case i get a sms with my name being substituted with some other CA! Possible data entry goof up! Similarly, why no thought on the journals? Each of us surely get minimum three to four journals which cover almost identical stuff!
    Lastly how about taking up with the government authorities whereby the maintenance of basic records and documents be limited to last three years so that huge amount of paper can be recycled, which are presently lying at the godowns / offices, using up valuable space! Kudos to Ashwinbhai, for taking up the issue!

  9. good idea to save guard the members hard earned money also bringing better transperancy.

  10. good idea to save guard the members hard earned money also bringing better transperancy.

  11. CA Anil Chikodi Kolhapur12:02 PM

    I Agree with you, to save the environment and money, candidates need not send any hard copies of their credentials or their appeal to vote them. Most of the candidates are sending mails, hence it is not necessary to send in hard copies again. Also I doubt how many voters are reading these letters / material sent in hard copies. This is waste of papers.

    The ICAI also need not send the details of the candidates in hard copies. The cost of printing such booklets for regional and CC might be in lacs of rupees. Which can be avoided if such details made available on the website of ICAI


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