30 December 2012

CIRC-CC: Can elimination of Vivek Khanna move Manu Agarwal up above Kushwah?

At this stage, Vivek Khanna will be eliminated. He is from Kanpur. It is obvious, his Kanpur fellow Manu Agarwal will be the highest beneficiary out of this elimination. Vivek Khanna has 976 in his tray. If he gives just 300 votes to Manu, Manu Agarwal would be above Kushwah, and would be the strongest contender for the 5th position. And this is quite likely he gets this no. There is no surprise if Manu get more than 300 votes, and that is most likely. This make Ravi Holani vulnerable. At this moment, the difference between Manu and Ravi is on 30 votes. Manu is sure to surpass this difference on elimination of Vivek. And that will make Ravi next person to be eliminated. So there are no good news for Ravi at this stage looking at the score card. In Vivek's fist preference votes were too less.

So game is on, don't forget to see the progress on this blog...


  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    thanks for the updates.

  2. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Last time Ravi Holani tooks lots of IInd pref. vote of Akshay Gupta who was from kanpur. So it will not be a cake walk for Manu and Ravi holani will also got a major chunk from Vivek Khanna. So games up and Ravi Holani is still in race.


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