30 December 2012

CIRC: Ravi Holani is upset and real contest between Shyamlal and Kushwah.

There is already a sure upset in name of Ravi Holani for cental council. Subhash Bapna is in process of elimination. He will boost the prospects of Vijay Garg and Shyamlal Agarwal. Shyamlal is on no. 4 and with very close contest with Mukesh Kushwah from Ghaziabad. I understand the real fight now is between these two only. The first  three are already in, Manoj Fadnis, Vijay Garg and Anuj Goyal. How much Subhash Bapna boost to Shyamlal is to be seen. In my opinion Vivek Khanna will give a sizeable votes to Kushwah. So now how much Kushwah moves up in the ladder is the key.

It is going to be interesting and to be seen...

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