23 December 2012

Counting will resume tomorrow

Counting will resume tomorrow. Everyone is now for dinner. And you know one thing, Institute served excellent food during counting to the candidates, their representatives and their officials. I always over eaten. It was classic delicious Delhi food. I might have put some weight. I really enjoyed it very much. Thanks to Institute for that. 

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  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    I think local flavour is working in the case of Mr. Girish Kulkarni, Aurangabad & other than Mumbai candidates.
    Mumbai (incl. Thane, Bhayander, etc.)are losing on the ground that there are too many to vote for & have lost heavily on this ground.
    I feel every branch should be given a limit of candidate representation at WIRC elections based on the size & performance.
    A serious thought should be given at ICAI levels.


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CA Exams rescheduled

Looking current situation CA Exam is rescheduled: CA inter and final exams will from 21st Nov . CA foundation will be from 8th Dec 2020.