24 December 2012

Exit of a sitting Regional Council member

Too many candidates from Mumbai has taken its first toll. Sitting regional council member Ashok Jain has already lost and passed on his second preference votes. Sandeep Jain has secured the maximum passes from him and made his seat secured. We can conclude effectively, Ashok Jain is replaced by Sandeep Jain.

Who are the other sitting members struggling to retain their seats? Despite having a great probabilty of getting elected, they can't still be considered as green. I still put them in yellow. Go, No-Go. These are Shruti Shah, Chandrakant Pawar and Dilip Apte. It is really tough situation, looking at the current trends, they are strong, but yet to take decisive lead which put them beyond danger.

Wait and watch. Paliwal elimination is on, and Sunil Patodia will cross his quota after this event. As there are lots of candidates from Mumbai, it will not be right conclusion that Bajaj will get all the votes of Paliwal as second preference. He might get a large chunk, but not a windfall. And that will be crucial for all other candidates to know their stand in first 22.

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  1. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Thanks Mr Ashwinbhai for your updates. Actually election results become interesting because of your analysis.
    CA Rahul Jain
    Sanpada, Navi Mumbai.


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