23 December 2012

Lot will change after elimination of Ashok Jain

Mumbai will know who have the better chances from their candidates after elimination of Ashok Jain which is in progress and is delayed due to some reconciliation errors. Ashok will move and shake many people, followed by Raj Jagetiya. The following candidates has their future dependent on these two eliminations and you will see my table with new amber colours and green colours once these eliminations are done. 

Sandeep Jain, Mahendra Mehta, Jayesh kala, and Ramesh Shetty would come to know, where they stand and it will be like a show down, who has got vote cards..

So keep watching...


  1. Anonymous8:45 PM

    3 Posts in 12 Minutes. Sir, You have good control over election matters. Compliments!

    Can we expect the final results of WIRC today by late night.

  2. Ashwinbhai from CA you seem to journey towards psephologist. What keeps you to have so keen interest in these elections? We hope to see you contesting CC soon?? After Dhinal completes 3 terms, but then many like parag raval etc will join.....then please tell us our role to work for you.

  3. From Ashok Jain's elimination Sandeep will get 75+ votes while mahendra mehta will get 50+ votes or may be 80+ votes.


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