25 December 2012

Members Feedback on election-1


Mail from P. Sriganesh 

Dear CA friend,
I will be happy if you could forward this mail to all
Though I was in Mumbai I did not vote this time for anyone in my professional career of 35+ years.
This arose out of my resolve not to vote for anyone who either/and/or called me, sent SMS, referred through other CAs, sent mailers in the form of books and reports, sent mail with recommendations from other CAs, sent greetings SMS for Diwali etc. However, the worst was calls from staff members of the contestant's firm requesting to cast vote.
Out of the list sent by ICAI not a single contestant could meet my criteria. I hope and wish that the members who have got elected to put a stop to this practise of "communication harassment". You will find that if a member is travelling (even if within India), he/she cannot vote from any other centre unless ICAI is informed well in advance. I found this to my dismay during the last election.
India is an Information technology super power that has electronic voting for political elections and e-voting through NSDL for companies. The sad part is ICAI and its members who serve corporate clients and are aware of NSDL e-voting cannot implement it for ICAI elections.
I request you to impress upon the elected members to bring in the following suggested guidelines for future elections.
1. The mail from ICAI conveys all that a member wants to know about his fellow member who wishes to serve the fraternity by getting elected and no further communication is required.
2. No additional methods are required to impress upon the well-educated and professionally qualified CA's.
3. None of the staff members should be deployed for election work.
4. Last but not least, ICAI should adopt the e-voting methodology followed by Companies and save cost of running polling booths and let members vote from anywhere they like.
Trust my mail will be taken positively and action will be taken by ICAI before the next election.
Warm Regards
Sriganesh B.Sc.; F.C.A.; F.C.S.


  1. interesting possible also if all elected members decide positively

  2. The most important factor in this election Was Cast your Vote and Vote your CASTE Which is a bad Sign for the profession

  3. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I completely agree that there should be e-voting methodology. In a democratic country u cannot refrain candidate from campaigning and his views. Ya I agree that there should not be over campaigning but it should be ethical because our we say that our Institute has set high standards of ethics. It should also apply for elections. I am opposed to dinner parties, excessive sms. But a candidate is definitely have right to make conversation with the peeople to whom he is going to represent, thats for sure.


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