25 December 2012

Some Interesting facts of WIRC election

  • Two sitting regional council members lost this election. Ashok Jain, and Chandrkant Pawar.
  • All Shah won the election. Hardik Shah, Shardul Shah, Julfesh Shah, Shruti Shah, Priyam Shah, except Mahesh Shah from Vasai. And all these Shah coming from different region.
  • Mumbai lost one seat to Ahmedabad. They had five seats and got four only back. Shrinivas Joshi, Durgesh Kabra, Sanjeev Lallan, and N C Hegde vacated their seat and Ahsok Jain lost. These are filled by Sushrut Chitale (replaced Shrinivas Joshi), Priti Savla (replaced Sanjeev Lalan), and Sandeep Jain (replaced Ashok Jain). In place of Durgesh Kabra and  N C Hegde, only Mahesh Madkholkar won from Mumbai (considering Thane too as part of Grater Mumbai). I have put replacement based on the common friends and groups following of the candidates in my view. So finally Mumbai lost one seat to Ahmedabad and Subodh Kedia is in.
  • Aurgangabad and Thane branch got their representative first time in regional council. Girish Kulkarni (Aurangabad), and Thane got two Priti Savla and Mahesh. 
  • Nashik branch lost its representative to Aurangabad. Nagpur branch had two members last time and this time they have lost one, whereas Ahmedabad and Pune branch had two members last time has gained one each and now they have now three representative in the regional council.
  • First time in WIRC there two female members. The lady luck has smiled on Priti Savla and Shruti Shah. And courtesy their loosing lady colleagues. Each elimination of a female candidate has given a large chunk to the surviving female candidate and that kept them move ahead.


  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Good Analysis. always helful. carry on.

  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Very Good Analysis - CA Ashok Rathi, Aurangabad..Thank u

  3. Great Analysis and thanks for updating us and making the whole process interesting

  4. Two sitting council
    ASHOK JAIN- just to correct

  5. Correction made, Thanks!!

  6. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Ashwin, We all can just thank you and these are few words to show our gratitude. Your blog made this election report very very interesting. Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This analysis like last election analysis was very amazing. Your blog needs to be classified as "Official ICAI Election Analysis Bureau". Thanks once again..

  7. Anonymous6:37 AM

    u have really done a fantastic job. i just want to know that if first three preference are given to members who gets eliminated then whether the fourth preference gets converted to first

  8. Dilip Apte7:37 AM

    Thanks Ashwinbhai for the excellent analysis. A small correction if I may say so. My candidature should be considered as of from Mumbai as I moved to Mumbai in late 2010 and my Mumbai address features in all ICAI communication including voters list. I may still have strong links to Pune as I consider the city to be my Alma mater .

  9. Dear Ashwin, your efforts and involvement has produced excellent information for all the members and we could see the latest results. It was like live commentary on cricket match happening and you have really made it interesting! Thanks a ton ! Keep Rocking! - CA. Krishanlal Bansal, Pune


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