22 December 2012

The 11th person to be elected would be Prafulla chhajed

The excess votes of Nilesh Vikasey and Rajkumar Adukia has moved Prafulla Chhajed at 11th No. And this is the decisive now. Elimination of Loya is now only a matter of formailty as Prafulla Chhajed will certainly get more votes than Hegde. Hard luck to N C Hegde..


  1. Anonymous10:47 PM

    NC out means, except Dhinalbhai, nobody from BIG4.....POWER OF PEOPLE !!

    1. Anonymous10:49 PM

      Nc out means defeat of decent fair playing people that is not power of people

    2. Anonymous10:55 PM

      True. NC played fair. Never troubled us with unsolicited SMSs etc

    3. Anonymous11:11 PM

      NC you may lose but we salute your fair play and sticking by the rules attitude!

  2. Anonymous10:49 PM

    What is score of Chhajed sir

  3. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Congratulation Prafull This is winning of Small and medium Chartered Accountants. At least do to out huye.

  4. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Jambusaria- good academician
    ghia- good academician
    joshi- good administrator and academician
    chhaira- good academician
    chhajed- god administrator

    these are the 5 new faces in council.

    Very good result... I must say !

    Congrats to all !!!

  5. Anonymous11:00 PM


  6. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Congrats to all

  7. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Anybody who has met n heard Mr. Loya would know he was a deserving candidate. Alas :-(

  8. NC is a much deserving person than Prafull Chhajed.... Atleast he's a wonderful person with pure heart and fair play unlike others who are no less than Indian Politicians making false promises and commitments... Like people of India, even the CA Community has become Racist and the Central Council has become a platform to showcase the racism... Feel shameful and sad for the CA community... where is all these going to lead the profession and its fame... Only because of so called elected members, who are more concerned about there own selfish motives and personal animosity (hatred/ khoonnas), the dignity and pride of our profession has downsized soooo much. Shame on the elected Council Members and we CA members at large...

    1. Anonymous11:29 PM

      Agree totally !

    2. Anonymous11:34 PM

      My dear friend, prafulla chhajed has travelled entire maharashtra including mofusil area and know most of the branch office bearers personally since last decade. Has mr. Hegde cared at least to go out of mumbai and care to have liasoing with other branches? This is the sole reason why mr. Chhajed has progressed in last 3 rounds decisively. Remember we want representative for western region and not mumbai or big 4 alone. My personal apologies hegdeji.

    3. It would be incorrect to do comparisons between any two candidates. It is an insult to both. Everyone who gets elected deserves to be elected and saying that one person should have been elected in place of another is insulting the electorate. I congratulate all of the person who have been elected and great work by Ashwin Nagar, who also incidentally wins this contest of communication. However, I certainly feel sad that NC is not there, which by no means belittles the victory of all the persons.

    4. Vikrant11:46 PM

      Fully agree with you sir.

  9. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Anybody who knows Mr. Jay would definitely say that he is deserving....a person with knowledge, power, vision, enthusiasm.......

  10. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Excellent service to the members especially to all the CA who was part of election by CA. ASHWIN NAGAR. Wonderful !!!!

  11. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Surprise package is MR.Jay ..... Best of luck to new council members ...... Hoping for actual support from the new members ....

    Hard luck to ahmedabad from 2CCM candidate one is in other is out .... However all 3 RCM candidates are in ....

  12. Rajendra Somani10:35 AM

    Great fight back by Prafulla. Hard Luck for NC. May the CC rise to the occassion & inspire confidence in all & lead our institution to great heights.

  13. It is not matter who won or who lost...million dollar question is..how far newly elected members would be able to understand & solve the challenges faced by profession and that too, placing oveall interest ahead of personal interest. According to me, there should be public debate with all 11 CCMs, for challenges b're profession & how they look at it..how they look their tenure ? I think, this move may inspire new comers to fix their agenda as CCMs. BACS can organise such prog.


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