23 December 2012

The Impact of last two eliminations

  • In the elimination of Raj Jagetia and Ashok Jain, decisive lead have been taken by Sandeep Jain. Now I put Sandeep to Green, he is now sure to win. Sandeep got 178 votes from these two elimination and has taken a decisive lead against Jayesh Kala and Mahendra Mehta. Jayesh Kala has again overtook Mahendra Mehta and now ahead with 6 votes. You know this is all elimination game and curious to see who eliminates first out of these two, and whether the other can take advantage of it or not. 
  • Elimination of Dayaram Paliwal will decide the fate of Lalit Laxminarayan Bajaj. Both are from Bhayandar. If Paliwal can give a big chunk or sizable votes to Lalit, then he may keep alive, otherwise he is next to get eliminated.
  • Next important changes are about Ahmedabad. Subodh Kedia is now above Priyam Shah. Though both are safe, Subodh has overtaken Priyam as predicted by me earlier.
  • The another change happened is Shruti Shah has been first time ahead of Vandana Dodhia by one vote. Till now Shruti was behind and now she has caught Vandana. I am not saying that two female candidates are not possible, but this development has made the contest interesting.
  • Girish Kulkarni from Aurangabad has continously mantained and little bit increased his lead over Abhijit Kelkar (Nagpur) and Chandrakant Pawar (Nashik). Aurangabad has put a great challenge this time and need to see can Aurangabad give one regional council seat? These all depends now on the elimination of Vijaykant Kulkarni of Pune, becasue his votes will decide these people's fate. And Mahesh Madkholkar too will be impacted by these developments.

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