24 December 2012

WIRC Trends: Aurangabad will have its WIRC candidate

  • Congratulations Girish Kulkarni. WIRC will have candidate from Aurangabad, first time. Great job and wonderful performance. he was too much vulnerable, but he performed consistently and in green. He had a great threat from Chandrakant Pawar. But he has made a decisive lead over Pawar of around 100 votes and that is irrecoverable. So Girish has wont this battle. I can imagine how diffcult it is for a person from small town to conquer the WIRC against such odds. He will get another minimum 50 votes on the elimination of Abhijit Kelkar. And once Chandrakant Pawar eliminates  he will be unstoppable. So for all practical purpose he is in. 
  • What is the possibility of Chandrakant Pawar? His only hope is Abhijit Kelkar. If we look back on his second preference  the largest he got is from is Ashok Pagariya 37 votes and then form Vijayakant Kulkarni that is 31 Votes. The largest he can get from Kelkar is 50, that is on the most optimistic side. And this 50 doesn't make his difference with Girish Kulkarni. C V Pawar is on 22nd place at this moment, but with elimination of Jayesh Kala and Mahendra Mehta, you will find him displaced from this position.

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