04 January 2013

NIRC Regional Council - Picture is now quite clear about results..

The election results as unfolding, it looks like the final picture is now quite clear and obvious. All who are at this moment in the list from 1 to 13 are sure to win. Their ranks may change at the final counting, but the names in my opinion will remain the same. I don't see any major changes in the trend.

Gopal Kedia, Hansraj Chugh and Vishal Garg has already achieved the quota. Once the Gaurav Garg elimination results come in, Radheshyam Bansal too is likely to get the quota. 

I don't see any chances now for Alok Krishnan and Rakesh Kakkar. It is just a matter of time, they seem to be eventually eliminated. 

Yogita Anand has done wonders. After getting only 409 first preference votes, Yogita reached in first 6 is wonderful. Raj Chawla too was not in the first 13 list at the first preference votes, but he could get the seconds and moved up and now sure to win. This is hard luck for Alok Krishnan and Gaurav Garg, they couldn't move up despite getting good no. of first preference votes and they will be upset to see themselves out of the final list of 13. Rest list remains the same. 11 out of 13 who secured more votes in first preference still holded their position till end.

All the best wishes for all candidates who got elected.

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