02 January 2013

NIRC: Three sitting Council members struggling to save their seat

Generally it is a catwalk for the sitting central council members to get re elected. Once you are in the council, the visibility increases and the opportunity to work with members also increases manifold. It gives them an edge over other candidates to sail through smoothly the elections. But you know, voter is voter. And specially the educated voters like CAs are unpredictable. At this stage, in Central council elections for NIRC, three sitting council members are struggling a lot to save their seat, and there is even sure probability that one or two of them looses this time, as happened in SIRC (2 lost) and CIRC (1 lost).

After elimination of Sanjay Agarwal, the other Sanjay Agarwal VOC, Vinod Jain and Pankaj Tyagi are still not comfortable and keeping their fingers crossed on the outcome of the other eliminations. Charanjot Singh Nanda, Naveen Gupta and Atul Gupta are in comfortable position and are sure to win. For rest, it is battle, full of struggle. 

It is getting more interesting.. keep watching this place...

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