23 February 2013

Changes in TDS Returns

Certain changes are brought by Income-tax (Second Amendment) Rules, 2013 with regard to the compliance to be made in respect of TDS and TCS, namely:
1) All statements to be furnished in Form nos. 24Q, 27Q and 26Q shall be furnished electronically and deductor has an option to furnish it under a digital signature;
2) Deductor can file statement in the new Form 26B to claim refund of the sum paid to the Central Government under Chapter XVII-B, provided:
a.      The credit of such sum has not been claimed by the deductor;
b.     No demand is outstanding against deductor
3) Following forms have been substituted:
a.      Form 15G – Declaration to be given for claiming certain receipts without TDS
b.     Form 15H - Declaration to be given by an Individual, who is above 60 years of age, for claiming certain receipts without TDS
c.      Form 16 – Certificate of tax deduction from salary
d.     Form 16A – Certificate for tax deduction from any other payment
e.      Form 27C - Declaration to be given for obtaining goods without collection of tax
f.       Form 27D – Certificate for tax collected at source
g.     Form 27EQ – Quarterly statement for tax collected at source
h.     Form 27Q – Quarterly statement for tax deducted at source

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  1. This post is really worth to read.I just desired to say thank you for taking effort to explain TDS return filing


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