08 March 2013

How many votes you need to win Ahmedabad branch elections?

How many votes one need to get elected in Ahmedabad branch elections for managing committee? This is the question I am generally asked by so many contestants and their supporters. The answer of this question lies in the number of votes cast in the election to be held on 9th March 2013. So my counter question is always, how many members would turn up to cast their votes? What is your expectations? I understand the vote count would be 2700 on the higher side and the 2250 on the lowers side, so somewhere between 2250 to 2700. And that be the case, the quota would be from 250 votes to 300 votes. It means, anyone who is able to get 250 to 300 first preference votes is sure shot to be in the committee. For the rest the game depends on the pattern of the second and subsequent votes. Looking at the number of CAs in Ahmedabad, it may tempt to all contestant to think that 250 is a very small number, and one is going to win. But this doesn't happen in the real life. I have spoken to all candidates and most of them think, 300 votes is a cat walk for them. But this is not. First preference values the most and that's why it's precious and people doesn't throw it away just like that.

To get maximum of this elections, and to ensure if your favourite candidate is not able to make it, atleast your second favourite is through, you need to be alert and following are the do's and don't s:

  • Please give maximum preferences. First to your favourite and then second to the next favourite and so on...
  • If your two contesting friends are equal for you, in that case, please don't give 1st to both of them. The vote will get invalid and both of them might loose by one vote. You will have to identify first among equals.
  • Each preference matters, and in electing 8 members of managing committee, even the lower preferences will count and will make and break future of many. If you remember in central council elections, N C Hegde got handsome first preference votes, still he couldn't make it because you couldn't get subsequent preferences and Prafulla Chhajed was much below in securing first preference votes, but could get through because of subsequent preferences. So contestants and supporters and voters, keep this in mind and keep of giving as many preferences, as you can. 
  • Last but most important, don't write anything else on the ballot except the preferences, Ahmedabad has a very bad track record of giving highest numbers of invalid votes.
So get set to go and make this interesting... And don't forget to write your comments below on what do you think?

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